Tampon holder with an upbeat attitude (and no flowers or butterflies!)

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It's a cold, hard fact for parents of girls: some day you'll be dealing with menstruation and how you handle the situation will greatly affect how your daughter feels about the process.

Instead of treating it as "The Curse" or something embarrassing that needs to be hidden, how about taking a more light-hearted approach to what will be a monthly part of your child's life for the next four or (gulp) five decades?

Fred Flare has just the product to help. Vinnie's tampon holder is decked out in retro-graphics and advises women of all ages to "Know their Flow" and to "Remember to refill, remember to chill." and gives off a whole periods-happen-to-everyone-vibe. The zipper pouch would be a great item to have on hand to give a daughter when you have The Talk or when The First One happens.

It's hard to tease or pick on someone who is secure and if Vinnie can help, I say that's fourteen well-spent bucks.

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