The crises of the toddler booties

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Nolan received a lot of very cool Christmas presents -- brand-new hockey equipment from his Dad, a magnetic colouring book from my Mom, training wheels for his motorbike from Unky Dave. Interspersed with the big, cool stuff were the normals: Lindt balls, books, socks, and slippers. And I never would have guessed that the present he loves the most adamently, with the most ardent fervour, is the slippers.

Mom bought Nolan a pair of red slippers with green pom-poms, kind of ugly and semi-absurd. She bought them from a local craft fair a few weeks before Christmas and holy hell, Nolan is in love with them. Before bed they must reside next to his head, on the pillow. Sometimes he wakes up at 2:34 AM, unable to find the Slippers of Wonder, and he'll bellow "Where slipper goin'? WHERE SLIPPER GOIN' MOMMY?" and I am forced to scramble out of bed on shaky midnight legs, searching, panicked in the dark for green pom poms. He loves them because he can slide on them on my hardwood floors, skating like a "hockey player."

But alas, Nolan's feet are growing faster than summer weeds. The booties have sprouted holes twice, once on the right one and once on the left. My Mom sewed them up again but they're bursting at the seams -- and there's no Christmas craft fair to buy a replacement. So, in anticipation of a melt-down when he realizes his Beloveds have become too small for sliding, I've been looking online for a replacement pair.

I love this pair on Etsy because they're handmade, simple, warm-looking and practical. I hope he doesn't notice that they don't have pom poms.

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