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My reality dictates that I must travel with Nolan in a plane at least once every two months. It's only a short flight we must take -- less than an hour -- but nonetheless, about a week before the bi-monthly trip, I start stressing out, just a little. I envision a very patient, grandmotherly woman sitting next to us, eager to assist with Nolan's crazy mood swings and boundless energy. I google "surviving plane trips" and "how to make a toddler do what I say, just for an hour. Please."

This time, I've hit pay dirt. The Times Online has published an excellent article summarizing the top 10 questions parents as about travelling with a children. It includes everything from pre-boarding tips to an organized collection of online resources for travel with kids to the very best of travel games. I particularly like that last category, because Nolan's dinky cars only provide room for so much fun until he starts wanting to insert them into the pockets of those around us. I discovered two new toys on the list I'd like to acquire stat: a Crayola Portable Lapdesk (for colouring in bumpy conditions) and a 20 Questions game, which uses artificial intelligence and kid's curiousity and might possibly save my life.

Now I'm off to google "how to best passive-aggressively irritate the woman who reclines in the seat in front of me." I will let you know what I discover.

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