Eleven-year-old Aussie saves dad

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They make 'em tough and rugged, down under. Take, for example, Lachlan "Lochie" Nally. He and his dad were driving along when something happened and their car ended up rolling over. A lot of kids would start crying and wait for help to arrive, especially if they saw that their father wasn't breathing.

Not so Lachlan. He crawled out of the car window, gave his dad mouth-to-mouth, and then hiked three kilometres in the dark to fetch help. And if that weren't enough, he did it all barefoot. Like I said, hardy stock down there. "I went back to the pub because they were the only people I knew in Koolunga . . . I was scared and it was pitch black and I couldn't see anything," Lochie said.

His father is in serious condition in a hospital in Adelaide, but at least he's alive. "He jumped out the car window and he ran for help and that just blew me away," said Lachlan's mom, Kim March. "For 3km, and it's pitch dark by yourself -- for a little boy it's amazing. I told him he's saved his dad's life . . . I am just ecstatic he did a fantastic job.".

That's one impressive kid and one very lucky father. As they say, good on ya, Lachlan!


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