Best travel guides for families?

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So, ParentDish readers, I have a question for you! I've been thinking about it and researching it, but I haven't been able to determine which (if any) of the travel guides is best for families. So I pose it to you--which is your favorite travel guide for families and why?

I am no stranger to travel guides. I worked for two separate publishing companies that published beautiful, informative, wonderful travel guides. But back then, I was a young, single gal on a mission: PARTAY. Well, and take in some art and museums and music and whatnot.

Now, though, I am a married mother to a baby who will be over a year old, and walking on his own when we hit New Orleans for Jazz Fest this April. My whole game plan has changed (and, frankly, for the better).

I'm also no stranger to New Orleans. I'm hardly an expert but I've been down more times than I can count and know certain parts of the area like the back of my hand. I am quite familiar with everything from the watering holes and restaurants to the museums and art galleries. That said, I've never traversed them with a stroller or had to consider whether or not the bathrooms had a changing station in them.

I've researched some of the guides on line and plan to hit the local Barnes and Noble to see what guides abound there, but none of them clearly sticks out as really good for traveling families.

Do you have a recommendation for a good travel guide or travel site for families? I don't necessarily need one that is only for families, but anything that provides helpful information along with fun ideas would fit the bill.


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