There's a new baby in town: Shutter Sisters

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Every so often, someone comes up with a brilliant new contribution to this deep and frenzied Web 2.0 world we're immersed in everyday. This year I've become addicted to several new community sites: sk*rt and Real Mental, to name two, and I'm really not sure what I did before the days of Flickr and Delicious.

Shutter Sisters is the newest baby on the web, and she's a looker. Drawing on the artistic talents of eight talented and well-known bloggers, Shutter Sisters is a new collection of individual photography and the thoughts and tips that accompany a beautifully executed photo. The talented staff there include two ParentDish alumni, Karen Walrond and Irene Nam. Their photos, unbelievably, are as moving as their writing. Also of note is the inclusion of one of my favorite bloggers (and ParentDish community member) Kate Inglis. Her pictures of her baby Ben make my heart soar.

Besides admiring the work of the Shutter Sisters, you can also participate in their Flickr pool to for the opportunity to showcase your own talent. I'll be bookmarking this site, and checking it frequently for inspiration in my own quest to capture the glory days of Nolan's first few years on earth.

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