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Gazing your baby's ultrasound picture is a magical experience. It doesn't matter whether it is your very first child or your fifth, just being able to view the physical presence of the small life growing within a womb is absolutely amazing! A big thank you to Hannale for sharing this wonderful moment in the growth of their baby with us all here at Image of the Day.

For those of you who are Image of the Day followers, you might have noticed we took a bit of a break over the month of December. Now that we have entered 2008, Image of the Day is back for your viewing pleasure. Send us pictures of how you are spending this new year, share your thoughts and images with us.

If you'd like your own picture featured here, simply upload photos into our group Flickr Pool - We'll select an image every day to highlight. Remember: we're on the lookout for shots with interesting backgrounds, cool angles, or original composition. Be sure to read the intro on the main Flickr page for more information and limit your uploading to 5 photos per day.

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