Music lessons: not just for kids

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When I was a little girl, I wanted to play the flute with all of my heart. Something about the flute in particular struck a chord with me (heh), and when the time came to join the band at school, I couldn't wait to actually touch one with my own two hands.

The grade school I attended had a spectacular music program, with one of the best teachers in the state. When the day arrived to express our desire for what instrument we wanted to play, my teacher decided I would be better suited to play the clarinet. THE CLARINET? Like that thing Benny Goodman plays?! Gag me with E.T's finger! However, I took his word for it and enjoyably played the clarinet for years.

I my late twenties (over a decade after putting the clarinet down for good), I decided to play the flute. I took music lessons every week, sandwiched between two eight-year-old girls with braces while wearing my suit from work that day. It was very fulfilling, even if the learning curve is a little tougher as you get older.

Now that I'm approaching my mid-thirties (how did THAT happen?), I have once again decided to take on another instrument. As I prepare for my guitar lessons, I wonder if the age gap is going to be noticeably wider. Hey, it's never too late to learn something new! You know, the whole "old dog, new tricks" thing! Right? RIGHT?

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