Time out in the car

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I've recruited my Mom to come with me to the mall -- I need to buy a color printer and a cell phone for my Nanny -- and lately it's become nearly impossible to do any kind of shopping with Nolan, even if it's in-and-out. Dragging my beleaguered Mother along means that I can purchase my goods in peace, assured that little hands will not be firing magazines out of racks or wheeling half-dressed mannequins across the floor. She doesn't mind, I don't think, and if she does, I will offer to buy her an Orange Julius. Ahh, the perpetual trials of being a Mother.

On the way to the store there is a little traffic, and I ease up on the gas. I start chatting with my Mom about her day, Nolan's recent antics, work. Nolan's been asking questions since we got in the car, as usual (what dat Nanny, what car DOIN, there's the mountain, I go 'no-boardin') and we have mostly answered him but man, it gets arduous, repeating the same answer five thousand and ten times.

"STOP TALKIN'" Nolan demands suddenly, loudly, from his lair.
Mom and I look at each other, baffled. He has been doing this lately.
"STOP TALKIN," he says again, and then more quietly: "Talk a me."
He wants us to talk with him, we do not wish to talk about Where Cars Goin. Again. We continue to talk amongst ourselves. I tell Nolan it is rude to do that, that we have told him this before, that Nanny and Mommy like to talk, too.

"STOP TALKIN" he howls again.
I look at my Mom.
"This would normally be prime opportunity for a time out,"I say,"But what should I do in traffic? Pull over on the highway?"
"I don't know,"she replied,"Maybe write about it?"

So I am. What do you do when your child is being a holy terror in the car? It's a little hard to take a time out on the freeway. There's always bribery (no snack at the mall unless you listen to Mommy!) but that's a little weak, isn't it?

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