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I've been to Disneyland in California once, about five years ago. We were in town for a wedding and had an unscheduled day and it was right there. But visiting a Disney park has never been a dream of mine. I tend to avoid any place that is overly crowded and insanely expensive. But I know I am probably in the minority there, as many families consider a trip to a Disney park to be the ultimate destination.

Of course, Ellie was very young and has little memory of her visit to Disneyland and would like to do it again. Maybe if we could tie it in with a trip to Hong Kong, Tokyo or Paris, I might get excited about it. Have you visited a Disney resort outside of the U.S? Was it all you thought it would be?

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Hong Kong DisneylandHong Kong DisneylandHong Kong DisneylandTokyo DisneylandTokyo Disneyland

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