Would you trick your partner into having a baby?

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Over at Slate.com NPR's Alex Chadwick was doing interviews for fifty cents--and came upon this story: a woman who claims her husband tricked her into having a second baby.

I've heard this story more than once--although it's typically the woman who does the tricking (how exactly would a man do that?)--and I've always wondered, what kind motives would lie behind a person tricking their significant other into having a baby?

I have a friend whose girlfriend tricked him into having a baby. She stopped taking the Pill and, Oops! Forgot to let him know. He is an amazing father, but (not surprisingly) their relationship didn't last. Now they're in the midst of a nasty custody battle. I'm not sure if she'd say she got what she wanted or not...

And I'm curious--would you ever think of tricking your partner into having a baby?

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