Mom succumbs to cancer to save baby

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Lorraine Allard must have been overjoyed to learn that she was going to have a son. The mother of three girls, she and husband Martyn figured their family would be complete after little Liam was born. Unfortunately, it didn't quite go as planned. Four months into the pregnancy, Lorraine learned she had cancer.

Doctors recommended that she have an abortion and start chemotherapy immediately, but she refused. "She told them straight away they were not going to get rid of the baby," said her husband. "She'd have lost the will to fight." Mrs. Allard gave birth naturally last November and began chemotherapy right away. Unfortunately, it was already too late and she passed away last week.

"Towards the end we knew things weren't going well, but she was overjoyed that she had given life to Liam," Mr. Allard told the Daily Mail. "When Liam is old enough, I won't tell him that Lorraine gave her life for him, but I will say she made sure he had a good chance of life. She told me she didn't want him to feel bad about it."

Lorraine Allard was certainly an amazing woman. She was strong and courageous, far more so than I, I think. I don't know that I could have made the same sacrifice. My condolences go out to her family and I wish the best for little Liam.

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