A special moment before shipping out

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I imagine it must be very difficult to be a parent in the military and be deployed overseas away from your kids. I can understand that some parents might want to do something special before they ship out. Captain Dave Perry had something planned -- some time at the local ice rink to play hockey with his son. "He's never played hockey before," Perry said, "but it was something that I really wanted to do with him before I left."

Unfortunately, the Canadian Forces' plans changed and he was told he was leaving Friday morning instead of Saturday -- he was booked at the ice rink Friday afternoon. He called to cancel the appointment and explained why. Sue Smith, who handles scheduling at the rink, didn't cancel the time but instead moved other bookings around so that he and his son could have the ice to themselves for an hour and a half on Thursday afternoon.

"I thought it was important that he have that memory, and seeing the two of them out there was so cute," Smith said. "It was a special moment for them, and I'm glad we were able to help him out." I've been to various parts of Canada quite a few times, and the one thing that seemed pretty much universal among Canadians was their consummate politeness and desire to help out. This is still pretty darn cool and I'm really glad this father and his son got to have that time together before he shipped out.


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