Britney getting treatment?

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Barbara Walters had something interesting to bring to the discussion table on The View this morning.

Sam Lufti, longtime hanger-onner, and sometimes manager of Britney Spears called the matriarch of the popular talk show to share the news that Spears is seeking help for what Walters called, "mental issues which are treatable."

"She has been to a psychiatrist," Walters said, recounting Lutfi's explanation over the phone. "She, I assume, is starting some kind of treatment."

If this is true, it's good news for the singer's two young sons who have not been allowed to see their mother since her apparent nervous breakdown at the beginning of the month.

That incident, along with steady stream of other bizarre behaviors, has led many to make armchair diagnoses of Spears ranging from multiple personality disorder to post-partum depression to spoiled brattiness and prompted a judge to award Kevin Federline sole custody of the couple's children.

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