Kindergartener handcuffed to chair for throwing tantrum in school

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In New York, a 5-year-old was handcuffed to a chair after he threw a tantrum in the principal's office.

Dennis Rivera attends kindergarten at PS 81. He threw a tantrum in his classroom, was sent to the principal's office, and then began knocking items off the principal's desk. A school safety agent handcuffed the child to a chair while school officials contacted his mother. Dennis' mother,contacted her babysitter to pick him up from school. School officials would not release this child to the babysitter, and he was was transported by EMS to Elmhurst Hospital, for psychiatric evaluation.

The story reports that school officials claimed that they were unable to control the child and had no choice but to handcuff him for their own protection. Personally, I think that is ridiculous. A security officer, a school principal and other school employees , all adults, were unable to control a 5-year-old child and were forced to handcuff him to protect themselves? That's ridiculous. Obviously, it was a scare tactic, albeit an irresponsible one.

The Department of Education is investigating the incident, but no disciplinary action has been taken against the school safety agent.

Do you think there would be any reason to handcuff a 5-year-old kindergarten student? Have the schools gone too far with how they deal with disciplining students?


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