Susan Wagner on blogging and parenting

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You may recognize ParentDish alumni Susan Wagner in this succinct, well-spoken interview for ABC news. Susan always comes off as utterly unflappable, both in her writing and in real life and I watched her video clip with great interest. ABC interviews her on the money in blogging, in working at home, in the opportunities the Internet has opened up for Moms who want to work at home. Susan does a stellar job in explaining the "blog for money" phenomena, which still seems very confusing to the mainstream media.

I, of course, am a firm believer in the power of blogs and the Internet to hone entrepreneurial initiatives, especially in stay-at-home parents. Though paid blogging gigs are still few and far between, there are endless opportunities to land in a coveted job, through mediums that didn't exist even five years ago. You can now google an employer, or email an executive of a company to pitch a job concept you would per perfect for. Via sites like LinkedIn (and some great detective work), you can track down org charts and decision makers, holes in companies that you might be able to fill from home. I've done all of the above, and am so grateful for the opportunities that have come out of (nicely!) chasing people down on the Internet.

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