A little help with the housework?

My friend Erin (we shall call her Erin, lest she be crucified alive by indignant house cleaners) has a housekeeper. Erin is gleefully single, with no children, a thirty-something career woman with glossy locks and an active social calender. She was here a few months ago, and though I'd made haphazard attempts at tidying the house for her visit, she saw right through it. I'm a crappy housekeeper. True, I work three jobs and money takes priority over cleanliness. But even if I had only one full-time job, I'd probably still be sub-par in the housekeeping arena. I tend to brush hairballs under sofas, stuff toddler clothes in full drawers without taking time to fold.

"Get a housekeeper,Kristin,"Erin urged,"Honestly, it's not that expensive...just a few times a month, for a hundred bucks or so, she could do your floors and make your windows sparkle.
"Ha!" I grunted in response, for she has disposable income and does not know the ramifications of a two-year-old on a newly polished window.

But in all honesty -- lately, I've been considering it. And I know ten bazillion of you will be muttering "Oy, she has one child, for the love of all things holy, one child and a flexible job and she can't clean her own house?"

But I've checked into rates and really, it might make sense. A twice-a-month Molly Maid would cost me a hundred bucks a shot. I'm quite sure that I would be able to make more than that if could work an extra hour every night, writing and proposing instead of grimly shoving dried apple shards underneath the couch, vainly attempting to remove streaks from the bathroom mirror.

And yet it feels obscenely spoiled, to even be considering a housekeeper. Am I lazy? Incompetent? That two hundred bucks a month could buy a lot of diapers. But it could also buy a lot of time for me and my work, and maybe I'd end up breaking ahead of even.

Have you ever considered a housekeeper?
Are you kidding? We're not rich.12 (6.6%)
I'd love to, but we can't afford it.61 (33.7%)
I'd do it if I could.46 (25.4%)
I have one.62 (34.3%)

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