Build your own play kitchen - it's not as hard as you think

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Let's face it, play kitchens for children are not cheap. I've featured some of my favorites here, but since watching The Story of Stuff in addition to attempting a greener lifestyle, I've often wondered about making a play kitchen out of recycled materials.

(Wait! Where are you going? Come back, I promise it's FUN and EASY!)

(Alright, maybe "fun" isn't the best descriptor, but sometimes we need to dig in and do it for the team, people.)

For a measly $7.00 at Etsy, you can purchase a detailed and illustrated instruction kit for building your own miniature kitchen. Utilizing corrugated cardboard, wire hangers and a couple of odds and ends from around the house, you will have an adorable (and remarkably STURDY) kitchen.

No glue, screws or nails, either. After constructing the kitchen, you can paint it (non-toxic, of course) whatever color you please. Sure, it's not as fancy as most, but it's SEVEN DOLLARS plus some cardboard. Score.

Look at the photos for yourself at fortytworoads' shop on Etsy.

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