Dad who used stun gun on toddler sentenced

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Rian Wittman, an Oregon father who used a stun gun on his 18 month old son, has been sentenced to 46 months in prison after a plea bargain.

According to the prosecution, the child's mother noted strange marks on the child in January 2007. Thinking it was a rash, she wanted to take him to a doctor but Wittman talked her out of it.

"He described to her that he used the stun gun to play peekaboo with the child," the prosecutor said. "The mother did not report the incident, and that was a mistake on her part."

After similar marks appeared on the child a few weeks later, the mother took the child to her sister's home and then to the police. Doctors found numerous wounds conforming to the stun gun's electrode pattern.

"This is a case of a father torturing his 18-month-old son," prosecutor Reed Dinsmore said. "I spoke to a Department of Human Services caseworker who was present, and she said the look in the child's eyes will not easily be forgotten."

It is unknown whether the little boy will suffer long-term nerve or neurological damage.

While I am aghast at the behavior of this "father" (and can think of some creative places to apply a stun gun to see what a tough guy he is) I'm even more puzzled at the thought process behind the mother's acceptance of an electrified version of peek-a-boo. ???

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