Round 2 for Gwen Stefani?

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Is Gwen Stefani expecting another baby? British tabloid The Sun seems to think so, although word is mum at the Stefanie camp.

Still, seen here one might consider Gwen dressing super-comfy when she is normally a fashion plate of the highest caliber. I know once I got pregnant my fashion sense went straight out the window for anything comfortable that didn't grab at my swelling middle section.

Gwen has made no bones about her desire for another child with husband Gavin Rossdale. Clearly if there is another bun in Gwen's otherwise well--whittled oven she's keeping on the down low during the early stages.

As much as we'd all love to see Gwen come up with another name as cool as Kingston--I mean, come on, that is SO cool, but not too out there--I seriously don't know how Gwen handles it all (if she does). She seems to be on top of the world--natch, taking it over from Madonna--with her perfume and fashion lines, her solo albums, her alleged reunion work with No Doubt and spending quality time with her son!

I look at these celebs and wonder how they can do it all. And most of them do it without carbs, you know.

Well, if Gwen has another baby on the way, good for her. It's too early to offer congratulations (as I am superstitious, oddly), but my guess is that if there is no baby on the way now there will be soon enough. That Ms. Stefani seems to get what she wants!

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