Image of the Day: Make some music, baby!

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It's never too early to share the gift of music with a child. This pair looks so cozy and enthralled in their efforts to make beautiful music together. I love the way the father's hands overlap the child's hands on the strings, so much so that I would love to see this cropped and featured as a separate image. The dad's wedding band with the baby's fingers pointing out is a gorgeous combination. The slightly burned edges add to a feeling of quiet beauty. A big thank you to Solarfrog for sharing this with us all here at Image of the Day.

For those of you who are Image of the Day followers, you might have noticed we took a bit of a break over the month of December. Now that we have entered 2008, Image of the Day is back for your viewing pleasure. Send us pictures of how you are spending this new year, share your thoughts and images with us.

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