When kids ask about gay parents

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Jared and Sara are very cognizant of LGBT families. They have a friend just down the street with two dads, as well as quite a few other friends and acquaintances who are part of gay and lesbian families. The kids and I have talked about it and we agree that it really doesn't matter who you love, it's that you love them that matters.

A concerned parent wrote in to the Seattle Times asking what to do when her young daughter asked about a classmate who has two moms. The girl wanted to know how a mommy can have a baby without a daddy. Jan Faull, a specialist in child development and behavior, fielded the question in her parenting column.

Faull's answer is, I think, good advice and well worth reading in case you encounter this situation and aren't sure how to answer. Personally, for me, how a child came to be is not as important as how much it is loved by its parents, whatever their genders.

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