Baby shower for number three?

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My friend is expecting a baby in a few months and I talked to her this morning about a baby shower. She's due in March and because it is her third child and her third girl, she needs almost nothing when it comes to baby supplies. She has tons of clothes and blankets and all the other things a new baby needs. Because of that, she says she would feel uncomfortable having a baby shower.

I think this is just wrong. To me, a baby shower isn't just about getting stuff, but is also about celebrating this new life. It is a day for her to feel special and pampered and for her friends to share in the excitement of her new child. I want to give her a shower, but I don't want to make her uncomfortable and force her to receive gifts she doesn't need or want.

What do you think? Should I throw a "no-gifts" party and hope the guests abide by it? Or perhaps a party where guests bring gifts for a charity of her choosing? Or should I just forget about the whole thing? I don't think she should be denied a party just because she's done this twice before. What do you think?

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