Don't park your bike in a Goodwill store

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I love to shop at Goodwill and other thrift stores. You just never know what kind of great bargain you are going to find. For example, a shopper at the Goodwill store in Salem, Oregon got a BMX bike that originally sold for over $200 for just $6.99! The only problem with that little transaction was that the bike wasn't exactly for sale.

It seems that seventh grader Cody Young didn't understand the rules of the thrift shop - if it's on the floor, it's for sale. He didn't have a bike lock, so when he and his buddies went shopping at the Goodwill, he brought his bike inside the store and left it near some other bikes that were for sale. You can see where this is going, right? When he was ready to go, he discovered his bike had disappeared. Another shopper with an eye for a deal had purchased it and was long gone.

Goodwill spokesperson Bob Barsocchini initially said they were unable to determine the identity of the person who bought the bike, but that they would do everything they could to help Young recover it. When the local newspaper picked up the story, that buyer saw it and in an admirable show of good will, agreed to return it. In return for doing the right thing, the store is giving that person a $100 gift certificate for Goodwill. Maybe they will buy Young a bike lock with some that reward money.


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