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It's hard to believe that the first 31 days of the new year have passed in such a dizzying manner. January is often like this, on the first day we vow to make amends for the previous 365 days and use the next batch for higher and better purposes. But time truly does seem to fly and here we are on the last day ready for the excitement of which picture has won the Image of the Month honor.

This month we had some great shots to choose from and the decision was not an easy one, but after much deliberation the ParentDish staff has chosen the above image, Space Baby, as our winner. Our winner, Wuby Z, submitted this fabulous picture that inspired much chat amongst our staff members. We were all blown away by the lighting, the pose and the many thoughts this picture inspires. Thanks so much, Wuby Z, for your contribution. As recognition for this image you have the honor of downloading the IOTM badge and featuring wherever you feel feel so inclined!

ParentDish is also excited to report that the February Image of the Month award will be saucier than ever since we are including any and all readers in the voting! Yes, that's right. The ParentDish staff will whittle the Image of the Day winners down to hand full of pictures and then we will feature a poll where our readers will have the option to choose the winning picture. So start getting your friends and family pumped right now because in just 28 days, give or take a few, you will have input for who gets the lucky badge!

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