Minnie Driver pregnant?

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, according to the world wide web, yet another celebrity is pregnant. This time it's good time gal Minnie Driver. Well, she seems like she'd be fun to me.

The media, per se, hasn't mentioned anything about Minnie having a bun in the over, but those on the blogosphere--yes, I said it, BLOGOSPHERE--are twittering over the possibility. See, this is how rumors get started. Then Perez Hilton gets a hold of it and the next thing you know if she's not pregnant Minnie will get that way.

So, perhaps you heard it here first--sort of. I personally won't believe it until I read it from Perez's lips and it is then authenticated several lax days later by the Internet Movie Database.

Hey--I was right about Gwen Stefani being pregnant!

What I find interesting about all the speculation and blog talk (yes, I said that too) is our fascination not only with pregnant celebrities but the very idea--the concept--of them being pregnant. Is it that we want to once and for all see that they're just like the rest of us gals ? Is it that we want them to seem more human? I don't know. But the fascination is...well...fascinating.

And look, if Minnie Driver is pregnant, then somebody owes me a pizza.

Pic of Minnie by nick farnhill.


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