Sixteen-year-old converts pickup to electric

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Auto shop was not an option at my high school, which is probably for the best. Bad things happen when I try to do anything more complicated than check the oil on a car. That isn't the case, apparently, for Andrew Angelloti who, at the tender age of sixteen, has converted his pickup truck to run solely on electric power.

Working part time as a life guard, Andrew saved up $6,000 to buy parts for the conversion including twenty batteries and a 60hp electric motor. The 1988 Mazda pickup now runs silently and cleanly, with a top speed of 55mph and a range of 40 miles -- enough to get Andrew to work and back.

As if that weren't enough of an accomplishment, Andrew is already working on another conversion, a Toyota Tercel. Like many teenagers, Andrew seems to be feeling the need for speed -- the new conversion will have a 120hp motor in order to get the top speed up to 80mph. (Not that he would ever go that fast, nu-uh, no way, that would be illegal.)

Back before I had kids, I was rather into electric vehicles, with plans to convert -- or, more accurately, have converted -- an older Land Rover, so I know how much work and planning goes into a project like this. This really is a notable accomplishment, especially for someone barely old enough to have a driver's license. Good work Andrew!

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