Woman gives birth in her driveway

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A twenty-five year old gave birth to her first child in her driveway after being sent home from the hospital where she was told the pains she had been experiencing were "false labor."

Charryse Brooks wasn't due until February 22nd, but insisted her husband return her to the hospital after the contractions and pain got stronger. She only made it to the driveway.

"She looked at me, right in the eye, so calmly, too. She said, 'Tim, the baby's here,'" said her husband, the Rev. Timothy Brooks.

The new dad caught the 4-pound, 3-ounce newborn girl in the leg of the sweat pants his wife was wearing and rushed them back to the hospital.

Because she's obviously a very calm person, (No drugs and "the baby's here"?!) I'm guessing Charryse didn't slap the nurses who pooh-poohed her earlier.

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