Image of the Day: Through rose colored glasses

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Sometimes it takes a few sweeps through our picture submissions to find just the right image to feature and other times a picture jumps out and grabs me in an instant. This picture is so great for its rainbow of colors, the blurred action in the background and the beguiling look of this beauty as she peeks over her shoulder. Thanks so much, beembag, for sharing this with us all here at Image of the Day.

February will bring some fun changes at Image of the Day. We will continue to feature as many great reader submitted pictures as possible. However, we will be asking you, the readers, to vote on the images at the end of the month. So keep the pictures coming and get ready to vote, vote, vote! And don't get bogged down by themes, just show us who you are and how you live with your gorgeous small ones.

If you'd like your own picture featured here, simply upload photos into our group Flickr Pool - We'll select an image every day to highlight. Remember: we're on the lookout for shots with interesting backgrounds, cool angles, or original composition. Be sure to read the intro on the main Flickr page for more information and limit your uploading to 5 photos per day.


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