Tantrums and the two-year-old

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I'm sure I am totally jinxing myself by writing what I'm about to write, especially considering the major upheaval that's about to come into Riley's life in the form of a blatting newborn, but . . . well, let me just whisper it: the tantrums suck a whole lot less lately.

It seems like Riley was stuck in some nonstop Tantrum Zone during about, oh, pretty much that whole 12-24 month stage. I seem to remember 18 months being particularly awful, but the details are fuzzy, probably because my post-traumatic stress disorder has conveniently blocked out the worst of them.

I certainly don't mean to imply that life with Riley is a serene burbling brook of tranquility at all times, he definitely still throws fits on a regular basis. They are nowhere near as bad as they used to be, though, in either duration or energy. The fact that he can actually communicate with us and vice versa makes such a huge difference, and while he still occasionally loses his mind over something completely ridiculous (to me, anyway, clearly not to HIM) overall he's far less likely to experience a total system meltdown over, say, the color of his juice cup.

I hesitate to make any guesses about what sorts of stages he'll go through next, but I am sure grateful for the recent reduction in Screaming/Whining/Parental Migraines. Turns out a happy, babbling kid is WAY more fun than a boneless, shrieking one, WHO KNEW?

So I'm interested, did you notice a downswing in tantrums as your child became more verbal? Or did the whole 'terrible twos' thing ring true instead? Right now I'd take the twos over the one-and-a-halfs any day.

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