Wii Games that should be invented

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My kids have had school called off because of poor weather three times this week, and you know what? It's been pretty great! I've gotten to sleep in a bunch, have had help around the house, and the kids have barely tried to kill each other.

I attribute the main reason for our lack of cabin fever to the Wii we got at Christmas. For some reason, the boys don't fall into that vegetative and highly irritable state other gaming systems seem to put them in. We also aren't battling the electronic addiction that we've seen with other things. I think because the Wii involves movement, but whatever it is, it's been a great addition to our entertainment repertoire this long, snowy winter.

However, I had a few ideas for games that could really raise the physical activity levels in Wii play:

  • Wii Iditarod- gamers as sled dogs!
  • Wii Kentucky Derby -gamers as race horses! (If you're crap, you're put out to pasture.)
  • Wii Tri-Athalon - For those who are a little too braggy about reaching the pro level on Wii tennis
  • Wii Marathon- train at home where bathrooms are easily accessed!
  • Wii Tour de France - Finally a use for that bicycle exercise move we all learned in grade school gym class!
  • Wii Olympics (Summer and Winter)- Watch out for the Russian judges, they are tough!
  • Wii Jerry Lewis Telethon - See how long you can walk around onstage and entertain people.
  • Wii Blizzard- Can you shovel out the driveway and sidewalks before the animated little old ladies and Girl Scout troops fall and break their hips?

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