What to do when the unthinkable happens: amputation

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Blogger Georgia Getz of I am Bossy, recently wrote an entry on her most horrific parenting experiences, the day the neighbor's dog bit off her daughter's lip.

But Bossy isn't just bossy, she's also helpful. She included a tutorial of steps everyone should know in case they ever encounter an amputation situation.

  • The patient and getting to the Emergency Room should be the priority. Recovering lost parts is secondary to their care. Consider phoning 9-1-1 and placing them in charge.
  • Manage the injury's bleeding but do not apply a tourniquet so tight that it damages the severed tissue. Elevate the injury if possible.
  • Wrap the amputated piece in clean gauze dampened with Saline and then place in a clean dry baggie. Or don't wrap the amputation in a clean cloth dampened with saline but still put the piece in a dry sealed baggie. Just don't drop the amputated piece into water or directly into saline as it will erode the tissue.
  • Keep the severed piece within proximity to ice, but do not situate it directly on ice which will destroy the tissue.

Thanks to her mother's quick thinking, Bossy's daughter is going to be fine and will be able to make out with high school boys just like all her friends when she's older.

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