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When I found out I was having a son, I raced to the high-end fashion mecca department store where my sister worked at the time. Ultrasound in hand, I showed her the penis and she shot me a knowing look. "That sucks," she said honestly, "But we'll get used to it."

To most, that would seem like a horrible comment. But I understood. We were two girls, raised so closely together (16 months apart) by a very feminine and fashion-conscious mom. A boy didn't fit in with our vision of a little doll to dress. Of course reality set in once he was born and we realized: a) babies are not little dolls, b) we would love him more than we ever imagined, and c) boys are fun to dress; they just present more of a challenge.

Then I had a girl. And yes, they really are more fun to dress. (Sorry Nate!) The challenge soon became how to have fun with girls' clothes without making her look like a wad of Bubblicious. So how do you celebrate her girlhood and her desire to be a princess?

In comes TwirlyGirl, featuring a line of reversible (and very twirly) dresses, pants with skirts attached, leggings, and shirts in fun colours, patterns and trims. I absolutely adore the pants, because they offer some twirly, girly flair while allowing freedom of movement. And there's plenty more than just pink.

All the clothes are made in Los Angeles, right down to the fabric. Dresses start at $70 USD.

TwirlyGirl Fashions(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Mermaid printFinger Paint printGroovy Sun printSunny Swinging ButterfliesRed Hots print

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