Parenting trends for 08?

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We're just approaching the 6 week checkup point of 2008 but already the style spotters at are predicting what the parenting trends this new year will bring.

According to the article, we can expect:

  • Even more unique baby names: because replacing I's with Y's wasn't enough (Kaytlyn, I'm looking at you!) Neveah (Heaven backwards) was just the tip of the iceberg according to the article.
  • Increased awareness of toy safety: no one wants their kid sucking on lead-laced playthings or to be the moron that gifts it to others
  • More companies allowing infants at work with their parents. This trend is almost too good to hope for for millions of new mothers who are struggling to deal with the thought of leaving a 6 week old at a daycare
  • Nurseries lose the pastel baby colors
  • Family vacations that include another family with kids of similar ages. The upside: kids have playmates other than their siblings and the adults can take turns chaperoning and having time to do things on their own with a spouse.
  • Baby showers for 2nd & 3rd babies that focus more on visiting and pampering the mom-to-be.
  • Blogging baby: baby books are out, websites and blogs are what today's parents are using to document their children's accomplishments and daily doings.
  • Kid birthday parties get more active. As childhood obesity continues to grow, many parents are looking to the past and incorporating games of tag, scavenger hunts, and other physical activities into birthday parties.
  • Whether it's a sign of harder economic times or just hope that people have finally realized it doesn't take diamonds to make a birth day special, "push presents" are expected to be less sparkly.
  • With overly permissive parenting blamed for the epidemic of kid brattiness, discipline is expected to make a comeback in 2008. (The kids grounded from Wii and television and sequestered on the naughty step are NOT excited about this turn of event at all.)

What do you think about these parenting predictions? What changes do you see on the horizon for child rearing?

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