Students cited for hurling french fry 'missiles'

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After hearing rumors of an impending food fight at Laramie Junior High School in Wyoming, the principal and a police officer attempted to head it off with a warning. At an assembly, the kids were told that if they threw food, they should expect to pay the consequences.

"They saw it as really the planning of a riot, when you think about it," says Police Chief Bob Deutsch.

I don't know if the kids were informed as to what exactly the consequences would be for throwing food, but the next day three girls decided to find out: they tossed a few french fries at school. "It wasn't a spontaneous thing - a couple of kids giggling, throwing a french fry at each other," Deutsch said. "They intended on getting everybody involved in this and starting something that no doubt would have the potential of getting out of control."

Apparently, the other students wisely declined to join in the food fight and only the three girls were punished. They were not only suspended for three days, but were charged with "hurling missiles," an adult infraction covered by city ordinances. Some say officials went overboard in punishing the girls and the American Civil Liberties Union has even gotten involved. "It certainly seems that this was an overreaction to a situation that could have been handled differently," said Linda Burt, Wyoming director of the ACLU.

I suppose the suspension alone would have been a sufficient punishment, but I imagine the officials were trying to make a point. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. What do you think? Considering the fact the girls were warned beforehand, does the punishment fit the crime?

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