Jennifer Aniston 'upset' by Jolie baby rumors?

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The tabloids are insisting that Brad Pitt's ex, Jennifer Aniston, is "upset", "really upset" or possibly even "devastated" over the possibility that Angelina Jolie might be pregnant again. The rumor mill has Jolie expecting twins this time, and sources say that Aniston takes this as further proof that "Brad has moved on with his life."

A source close to Aniston says, "Jennifer is putting on a brave face, but inside she is really upset. She wasn't prepared for how she'd feel when she saw the pictures of Angelina and her bump."

I imagine it is difficult to see the man you once shared your life with so publicly happy with another woman. But I would assume that Aniston has long since gotten all the proof she needs that her relationship with Brad is well and truly over. I feel for Aniston knowing that every bit of happiness Brad and Angie experience will be compared and contrasted to Aniston's own perceived lack of happiness.

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