Julianne Moore teams with Save the Children

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Julianne Moore is the celebrity spoke person for special Valentines that spread twice the love: once to the recipient and again by helping children living in poverty.

The Academy Award nominee has joined the Save the Children organization saying, "Recently, I visited one of the poorest, most remote communities in the mountains of Appalachia, where Save the Children has worked for more than 75 years. In a land of such wealth and prosperity, it is shocking to see so many children and their families struggling to get by. In fact, in rural America, one in five children lives in poverty."

Donations made to Helpful Hearts activates a link that allows Valentines featuring children's artwork to be emailed or printed out. The money raised helps Save the Children reach children in poor, rural communities in the United States through early childhood education, literacy, physical activity and nutrition programs.

What a simple and lovely way to show you care, twice.

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