Living with a toddler: the constant clean up

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I have a brilliant idea. You know those time-elapsed videos? The ones where the sun rises and sets within 5 minutes? I need to produce one of those videos of my daily activities around the house with Wito, King Of Toys Strewn Over Every Inch Of Our Home.

Seriously, people. My life consists of following him around and picking up his crap all the live long day. And the worst part? My husband thinks I'm full of it. When I try to explain just how many times I follow Wito's trail, inevitably cramming my face against the wood floor and shoving the entire length of my arm underneath the couch (looking for a damn alphabet block or the dreaded stinky sippy cup), he gives me that "hello, drama queen" kind of look.

I hate that look.

Am I the only one who is constantly picking up after their toddler? Is their any hope for me in the long run? OH, THE HUMANITY.

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