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Amsterdam is perhaps my favorite city in the world and the one I've visited the most: six times, now, and I've fallen a little more deeply in love with it each time. It's partially the windmills and the tulip fields outside the city, it's maybe the astonishing art work and abominally delicious fries with frietsaus, and oh, the stroopwafels! I am also absurdly in love with Febo (why don't we have hot food served out of slot-machines?)

But the thing that impresses me the most about Amsterdam are its bicyles: thousands of them, ridden by straight-backed and dignified Dutch. You see entire families on bikes: children riding behind Mom, with the rusty front basket carrying a loaf of bread and fresh vegetables for dinner. There is few cars in downtown Amsterdam, and the ones you do see are those tiny little environmentally friendly ones. I think North America could learn whack loads from the Dutch.

Anyway, if I am ever in a situation that I can ride my bicycle to work, I will most definitely do it. I live in a temperate climate, it's a good way to get exercise before and after work -- and it diverts the possibility of road rage. I came across this description of a new and fairly awesome "foldable" bike -- perfect for commuters needing to store their bikes in tight quarters or for families who have limited storage space. It's sleek, light, and folds up into an almost totally-straight pole. When Nolan's of age, we're both getting ourselves one of these. And then we'll work on building a Febo.

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