Politics and family lines

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As a Canadian citizen, I'm typically only marginally interested in American politics. Sure, we live next door to the most powerful nation on Earth, and the policies of the leader of the United States will inevitably impact our economy, our political reactions, and the overall well-being of my own nation. But until this recent election, I've never been so utterly absorbed by the presidential race of my neighbours to the South. The Democratic candidates are both compelling, provocative personalities, and though I don't know as much about the Republican candidates (admittedly because I'm left-leaning myself), I've been mesmerized by political discussions happening in the blogosphere, and by this video which actually brought tears to my eyes.

I'm so enthusiastic about understanding the whole race, that I made the mistake of bringing it up at my parents house last night. Uh oh. There is an unspoken rule that I broke: we do not talk about politics, my parents and I, lest we end up pelting balls at one another's head. My parents (especially my Dad) have radically different political leanings than I have, and it's not possible to have a civil discussion about the merits of conservative versus liberal viewpoints because we're all so ridiculously opinionated. I am far left, my parents are very right, we'll have to leave it at that.

But our (quickly ceased) discussion got me thinking: do most families follow the same political lines? Do you vote the same way as your parents? Political leanings tell so much about a person's inherent belief system, I think -- I can't imagine being with someone whose viewpoint was opposite from mine. And although I could never force him (and wouldn't even make him wear a t-shirt), I admit I kind of hope Nolan ends up a little Liberal.

So, PD readers, who are you voting for? Is it the same person as your parents voted for?

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