Taking kids to the polls

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Last night, Rachel and I took the kids to go vote. When we walked in to the polling place, a neighbors's garage, the first thing the poll worker did was to hand Jared and Sara each a demonstration ballot. She showed the kids how to mark their choice -- amongst Candidates A through F -- and gave them each a pen.

Then she took care of Rachel and me, giving us our ballots. I am not very optimistic about the future of our country these days, but I try to remain positive for the kids' sake. We had discussed voting a few times prior to the election and on the way there and Jared, at least, understood that it was important that we tell the government what we want them to do for us.

As for the president, I had explained that we were going to pick someone to be the next one so that we could fire Dubya for not doing a very good job. Sadly, I am worried that too much damage has been done to our reputation, our economy, and our constitution for anyone to fix. Not all is lost, however -- one candidate has appeared that could make a difference, I think. Jared chose a write-in candidate that might just be the answer to all our problems. Jared voted for himself.

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