Whining and Dining: the fastest meal in the West

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If you're anything like me, planning isn't your forte. I remember rushing home after work, after the daycare pick-up, only to look in my fridge and go, "Huh?" My son would be starving and cranky. Takeout would take at least 30 minutes. No. I needed to think of something fast.

This wasn't an everyday experience. I actually enjoy cooking immensely. But even now as a SAHM, there are days when we get back from a playdate late and I'm scrambling to figure out what's for dinner. So what can you make that's fast and isn't chicken fingers?

Beans in a can with frozen veggies on the side! The beans lose marks for sodium and sugar content, but most frozen dinners are worse for that. Beans in a can earn extra marks for fiber and vitamin content. Just open the can, warm on the stove for 5-10 minutes.

In the meantime, boil some water and throw your desired frozen veggies in there. We're big on sweat peas and corn from the freezer and then throwing in some raw baby carrots to soften them up. Boil for 4 minutes then drain. Serve with bread and butter if you'd like. (I have a super skinny kid, so we have to maintain his weight with a moderate dose of extra fat.) Or skip the butter and you have a vegan-friendly dinner, but quick!

Ta-da! It's ready in 10 minutes and your toddler/preschooler will wolf it down. Which gives you a second to breathe and think of something more appetizing to prepare for yourself. Heh.

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