Need ideas for a nursery?

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One of my favorite websites is Apartment Therapy- specifically, the house tours. It is such a great way to see how others are living, as well as inspiring new ideas for my own home. Well, Apartment Therapy has spun off a website named Ohdeedoh, which has a similar theme but is focused on nurseries and rooms for children.

Ohdeedoh's site is definitely for people who care about good design, but happen to have children. As they mention in their mission statement, "kids are cute, but their stuff is often just plain ugly and it often seems as if good design and kids' furnishings are contradictory terms. We're here to help make the transition easier and more fun." Amen to that.

Not only does Ohdeedoh include photo tours of beautiful nurseries, but also has a thorough shopping guide. Visit their website today, you'll thank me later.

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