Image of the Day: The sky is the limit!

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Winter can be a confining time with the memories of summer days in the park buried deep under layers of clothing and puffy parkas. Those rare days when the cold weather permits a visit to the park are indeed lovely gifts. This little boy's look of rapturous joy easily confirms that an afternoon in the swing is just as fulfilling in the cold as it is in the midst of summertime. I love the way he is gazing up at the sky and the feeling of pure happiness that radiates from this picture. A big word of thanks goes to BigDai100 for sharing this with the viewers at Image of the Day!

February will bring some fun changes at Image of the Day. We will continue to feature as many great reader submitted pictures as possible. However, we will be asking you, the readers, to vote on the images at the end of the month. So keep the pictures coming and get ready to vote, vote, vote! And don't get bogged down by themes, just show us who you are and how you live with your gorgeous small ones.

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