Winning the pinewood derby

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One of the aspects of scouting that I'd heard about and would have really liked to have tried was the pinewood derby, a race using home-built, miniature, wooden racecars. I always thought it would be cool to carve a car and add wheels, basically making a racer from scratch. For me, though, it wouldn't have been so much about the winning as it would have been about designing and building a really, really cool car.

If you want to make sure you your kid actually wins, however, you might want to check out this article on The Physics of Pinewood Derby Cars. There are some really good tips there, especially, I think, the advice on how to shape the vehicle in order to get a definite boost right at the start of the race. If I were ever to be involved with such a race, I think I will take advantage of this info. Plus, there are some good things to think about as a starting point for learning more about physics.

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