Is your house a mess?

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Well, whether you care to admit it or not, mine is. It seems that no matter what I--or my fabulous husband, who picks up a good 50% of the household duties--do the place is still a total disaster. And I live in a one-bedroom apartment; it's not like I live in a 3-bedroom house with a yard (oh, the terror!).

When I was younger, singler, and non-mommy material, I prided myself on keeping the house clean. It drove me crazy when dust settled on the furniture, the floor needed to be swept or the shower tile got even a little grimy. And, heck--I had time back then to attend to all those things.

Everyone I know (and some I didn't!) said to me that once I had children that would all change. The house would be a disaster with a never-ending pile of laundry to climb out from under. I would never cook, and, if I did, it would be something quick and easy and the kitchen would look like a war zone anyway. All of this has turned out to be true, a prophecy of the worst kind for a former neat freak.

The most we can manage these days is to get the place in various stages of clean. For example, yesterday I begged my husband to clean the bathroom while I dusted and took a bunch of giveaways and the trash out. The floors still need to be vacuumed-desperately--as well as mopped. Our hope is to get to that today after he finishes his shift at the food coop, I run into the office for a few hours to catch up, the baby is fed and napped and we get the rest of our errands done.

So far we've managed to keep things looking decent. These past few months, though, with the passing of the grandmothers and all the illness we've passed around to each other, the house looks just horrible. Thank goodness no one shows up for surprise visits anymore!At least the baby is always clean, fed, has plenty of clean clothes. If only he were old enough to assist with the daily chores and take out the trash, walk the dogs--you know, do the things the kids are supposed to do to help out around the house. Isn't that why we had kids?

So, tell me--is your house a mess? If you manage to find the time to clean it, how? And, did you just give in and hire a maid? I am about two steps away from doing such, except the expense is too great in this town. What I really need is an 8th day in the week where the kid still goes to daycare and I have gotten the proper amount of rest so my husband and I can spend the whole day getting the house in order. Again.

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