Soothe your child with My Beating Heart

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You know how when you get a new puppy, they say putting a ticking clock in the bed will calm them by simulating the heartbeat of their mother? Well, My Beating Heart has taken that concept to a whole new level with a pillow for children, designed to mimic the sound of a real heartbeat. The concept isn't new - the company introduced an adult version of the pillow in 2005. But after realizing that parents were buying them for their kids, the company created a version just for the little ones.

The technology is complicated and way over my head, but the concept is simple: a realistic heartbeat that mimics a heart in a deep sleep or a meditative state. It's not a recorded beat, but uses computer science, Artificial Intelligence, and haptic design to create a realistic and gradually changing beat that, according to their Web site, will relax the body, ease the mind, and cajole the spirit.

The pillows are made by hand in the U.S. and are intended for kids over the age of three. They sell for $34.99 for a small and $49.99 for a larger one. I find the idea just the tiniest bit creepy, but I am also intrigued. It would sure make for a unique gift for Valentine's Day.


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