Chickens run amok at Philadelphia high school

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Students at Northeast High School in Philadelphia are somewhat accustomed to snow days, but yesterday they got a day off for a very different reason. It seems that when workers arrived in the early morning hours to open up the school building, they got a bit of a surprise. 50 chickens were found wandering the halls, eating chicken feed that was strewn about and pooping all over the place.

"We don't know where the chickens came from or who they belong to," said school district spokesman Fernando Gallard. "I'm pretty sure there is a very upset poultry farmer somewhere who wants them back.

School officials called a farmer to get the chickens out of the building, but the mess they left behind was so bad they had to send most of the 3,600 students home. You know those kids were psyched. Chicken day!

The school has cameras, so there is a good chance the surveillance tapes will reveal the identity of the prankster. Whoever it was will have to pay a hefty fine, but will likely be remembered for generations to come at Northeast High.

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