Rescued pup rescues family right back

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With the exception of our fancy French dog, all of our pets were either adopted from a shelter or found wandering homeless. Abandoned and abused animals need love too and often repay their rescuers with unconditional and unwavering loyalty. Clearly, this was the case with Bella, a 3-year-old golden retriever/collie mix who was rescued as an abused puppy by the Feuling family.

Sue Fueling and her 9-year-old daughter McKenzie were sleeping early Friday morning when they were awakened by Bella's barking and jumping on the bed. Smelling smoke, Sue grabbed her daughter and ran out of the house. When she tried to coax Bella and her other dog, a 6-month-old golden retriever named Maddie, out of the house, they refused to leave. "Bella must have thought McKenzie was still in the house," Feuling said.

The Feulings were taken to the hospital and monitored for smoke inhalation, but sadly the dogs didn't survive. The fire gutted their home and destroyed all of their possessions, but it is Bella and Maddie that Sue Feuling is mourning. "Everything I lost is nothing compared to them," she said.

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