Janet Jackson "allergic to marriage"

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Janet Jackson has been happily unmarried to boyfriend Jermaine Dupri since 2002. And despite pressure from family and friends to tie the knot and make some babies, the pop star says she's not interested in walking down the aisle. "If it's [meant] to happen, it'll happen," she says. "I like where we are, and I'm happy where I am. I've done it twice before. I'm afraid I might be a jinx. I might be allergic to marriage."

And while the 41-year-old says she and Dupri both want kids some day, now is not the time. "I've got to get a little more kid out of me first before I move on and be childish with my child." But what about that biological clock? Let it tick, she says. "I get so much pressure .. even my mother mentioned something to me the other day," she says. "But now you can have your eggs frozen and there are all sorts of things you can do. I've still got time so I think I'm okay."

She's right, of course. There are all sorts of things 'older' women can do to help with conception later on in life. But if I were her and knew that I wanted children someday, I don't think I would feel comfortable waiting much longer. What about you? Did you or would you deliberately put off having children to the point where you knew that it was likely you would need some medical intervention in order to get pregnant?

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